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“Cheek to Cheek” from “Top Hat” exuded the most charm. Banki, with Cleo Magill as Rogers, effortlessly lilted in each other’s arms as he spun her in a frothy and effervescent swirl.



Each dancer in the troupe, like a member of a family, will bring something intrinsic:...Magill, stage presence and joy.



To take the example of Cleo again, she really threw herself into the Baroque and made it live. The result doesn’t look “historical” but sensual, exciting. 

— lincoln jones, la magazine


A lot of Ginger Rogers’s personality comes through how she moves her left shoulder. Cleo Magill is particularly good at assimilating these kinds of details. ”

— lincoln jones, la magazine


Your dress, hair, makeup, and huge smile seemed to bring Hayworth to life. How does it feel to perform in her footsteps?
CM: It was like a dream! That weekend in April was honestly one of the happiest weekends of my life! There is something so special about these Fred Astaire dances. ”

— interview with la magazine

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