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An LA Native, Cleo Magill is an actor and dancer.


Cleo found her way to acting after her early career as a Soloist at the American Contemporary Ballet and the Joffrey Ballet. She desired more creative freedom and wanted to use her voice to tell stories.

Her credits include Conan, This Is Us, and Soulpancake's 60 Second Dance. 

Cleo had a starring role as a strong-willed sensitive astronaut in an Indie film called Astral, which was a winner of the year the 2021 Top Shorts Film Festival.

Cleo studies in the Mastery Class at Anthony Meindl's Actor Workshop. She has also studied at Margie Haber Studios and took Improv at The Groundlings School.

She is a member of SAG AFTRA and a distant relative of the Brother's Grimm.


"Cleo Magill brings Passion, Dedication, and Consistency, along with her Talent."
— Patrick Cassidy,  Producer / Actor
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